Eskort Gives Back

As we celebrate South Africa’s Best Loved Bacon, we are mindful of the most vulnerable sections of our society. During Bacon Week, Eskort Butcheries and our media partners will be each be reaching out to their local communities as part of our
giving back philosophy.

“To build our company we must grow our local communities.”

The core philosophy of Eskort’s commitment to community projects is to look after the local community in and around our production units. As a business we share a population, a location and a common interest in the prosperity of our communities. It’s a case of doing good while doing good business. In fact, we believe we do good by doing good business. As a business that began as a co-operative, we fully understand the value of co-operation and the power of mutually shared goals.

Within our wide range of initiatives, a member or members of staff lead the charge from the ground up. After all, as members of the communities themselves, they are in the best position to see the need in the areas where they live and work. Their solutions are organic and grow naturally from the realities as they experience it on the ground.

The people at plant level take the initiative and drive the projects – and they enjoy the support of management and incentives that stimulate and reward their efforts. They then support the community. The community, in turn, feeds back into the business all the benefits associated with improved conditions. To build our company we must grow our local communities. We believe that the value added to their lives transfers to the health of the business and vice versa.

Despite the incredible diversity of the community projects, some common themes have spontaneously emerged. We can see that we value education through our support of schools. We can discern a future-focused attitude through our ongoing work with the youth. We can feel the optimism and dynamic energy when we consider the work we do in empowerment, skills development and support. And finally, we can show that we have compassion by giving to the most vunerable in our society.

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